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Once Upon a Time - 1x03

As much as I enjoyed them, I admit that the first two episodes suffered from pacing problems. When they'd shift back and forth between the flashbacks to fairytale land and the events in Storybrooke, I'd inevitably feel that the transitions could be smoother. And in episode 2, even though I appreciated what they were going for, I thought the flashbacks dragged quite a bit. But here!! The pacing was GREAT here and the way the backstory wove into the present felt natural. YAYZ.

Usually I warn when I'm displeased with something, but this time I gotta warn for PURE JOY. You should know going in that you might get some kind of happiness contact high off this post. I'm just sayin'. :)

  1. It will never ever not be a source of great joy to me how women are at the center of this narrative.


  3. I am ridiculously excited about all the family stuff, as you can see. Little Henry sneaking off to visit his gorgeous comatose grandpa! Emma and Snow BFFing all around town. <3

  4. Sheriff McHottie and Emma being all professional and shit. HELL YES.

  5. THIS SCENE. THUS SLEEPING BEAUTY WAS BESTIRRED BY TRUE LOVE'S BEDTIME STORY. Before being awakened by true love's CPR kiss! In the woods! By the Toll Bridge! <3 <3 <3

  6. And then THIS SCENE. Lookit lookit, his pretty man bosom is heaving! Heee. And he’s showing off more of his chest than Snow. Which leads me to my next point…

  7. Sensible clothes for Snow! She doesn’t have to sacrifice comfort and be ridiculously Male Gaze babealicious while surviving in the woods. Instead her clothes are warm and suited to her needs. Thank heavens. This fits in with the cool way they’re styling Snow/Mary Margaret in general — she’s lovely and she puts thought into her clothes, but she’s not being sold as a sex object.


  9. James starts falling in love with her while she’s dressed like a ruffian woodswoman thief! :D

  10. SNOW WHITE FUCK YEAH. She’s a survivor! Not gonna give up, not gonna stop. She’s going to survive, and keep on surviving! WOOOT (I know I’m dating myself with the Destiny’s Child reference btw. Insert bitter late 20something tears here). But, srsly. I loved that she doesn’t need any friendly woodland creatures to get by. Or seven short dudes. She's doing it all on her own! Basically playing Francis Drake to the Evil Queen’s Spain -- stealing ALLLL the fancy shit. Not letting the queen rest without something going missing, to remind her what a badass Snow is. :D

  11. When James caught Snow, he made a reference to her not being the jewelry type, but all in all his pwnage of her and objection to her behavior was entirely located in her being a criminal, not in her being a woman. He calls her “thieving scum” and references her other supposed crimes, but never once uses a sexist slur against her. And, considering that they’re alone, he’s got tons of social and physical power, and he’s kinda kidnapping her, the whole scenario could have very easily gone to a vaguely icky place. I’ve seen versions of this scenario where sexual threat/physical domination/humiliation is used to teach the rapscallion!heroine a lesson, for instance. See: 900 million Romance novels with plucky heroines, the spanking scene in True Grit (2010), etc. But James didn’t make any moves that came across sexually threatening. Or even very physically domineering. It would have been so easy for the writers to fail on this. BUT THEY DIDN’T. THANK HEAVENS. James as the sort of person who wouldn’t use sexist slurs or really try to make Snow feel her powerlessness and vulnerability to him is… A REALLY REALLY ATTRACTIVE PERSON. In a way that good looks alone cannot possibly approach. This fellow? He’s got a good heart, yo. And that is the hottest thing about him. Has been since he sacrificed himself for his little daughter.

  12. Her snarky nickname for him! And how it becomes true and, just… YES. SHE RENAMES HIM. As a jibe. And then she keeps it as something special between them. Something that makes him just a little bit hers. And forever in the stories we know him by her name for him. He’s Prince Charming. Defined by her naming of him. THIS IS HOT TO ME OKAY.

  13. Baww, I think he took the scenic route in order to share the pretty with his betrothed (and possibility have an opportunity to bond as something more than business partners in this kingdom “merger”?) He wants something more! His little heart longs for crumbs of genuine affection! Poor bb. He set up that ride for the lady and she was all ((yawwwwwn)) "are we there yet?" and then he was all "BUT WE CAN HAZ SCENIC TRIP Y/Y? :D THE SCENERY, IS IT NOT VERY PRETTY?" And his betrothed shut him down hard. Awwwww. And later when Snow asks him why the heck he used that road since the only other person that does is the Evil Queen, he was all "IT'S FREAKING SCENIC OKAY. I WAS TRYING TO GET TO KNOW THE WOMAN I'M SUPPOSED TO SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE WITH AND OH GOD SHE'S REALLY COLD AND MEAN TO ME." HEAVY LIES THE GORGEOUS HEAD THAT WEARS THE CROWN.

  14. Lucky for him there was a thief in the scenic woods!

  15. AND THEN SNOW SAVES HIM. AWWWWWWW. AND HE’S ALL TOUCHED. He must be used to doing the saving all the time. And doing The Required Thing. Having to be strong. And here Snow is-- renegade ragamuffin thief -- catching him when he fell. He had a moment of weakness and the world didn't end; she saved him. :DDDDDDD

  16. And she almost believes him! OH GOD. After everything she's been through, she's probably come to be suspicious of everyone. But she realizes that he genuinely cares about doing the right thing when he rescues her so she decides to rescue him right back! ((bounce))

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