mswyrr (mswyrr) wrote,

fic: "Little Notions" (being human)

title: Little Notions
author: mswyrr
rating: T
summary: Hal puts his embroidery skills to good use.

[read @ AO3]

Author’s Notes: This is part 1 in a series of AU one-shots. Gen at the moment, but ultimately Annie/Hal. I owe so much thanks to my betas. Everything I know about embroidery I learned form rikibeth, who talked to me about history and let me ramble until things made sense. afigureofspeech reminds me of characterization when I get off track and always knows where the writing needs a little extra help. And llamabrains is not only my favorite writer in this ship, but a very encouraging person to talk to about writing. Thank you all!

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Tags: being human, fic
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